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Name:hyacinth girl.
Birthdate:May 17
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada

Interests (146):

(candid) photography, (making parenthetical asides), (musical) theatre, (southern) gothic & grotesque, (used) bookstores, academia, activism, adventure, alternate universes, animals, anis mojgani, anklets, anthropology & archaeology, apocalypses, astronomy, autumn, baking, bare feet, beach parties, being shy, bibliophiles, biology, books, buffy, candles, carnivals, cats, chocolate, comic books, coming-of-age stories, creativity, criminal minds, culture, curiousity, dancing, disney films, doctor who, espistolary fiction, fairs, fandom, feminism, festivals, figure skating, film noir, firefly & serenity, fireworks, flea markets, folklore, for science!, fringe, geekery, glee, halloween, hardboiled detective stories, harry potter, high school&college stories/aus, history, holidays & celebrations, horror scifi & fantasy, human rights, incense, intelligent ya fiction, joss whedon, learning new things, leverage, libraries, living abroad, long hot showers, love, lush cosmetics, magic realism, making things, markets, merlin, meta, metafiction, mixtapes, miyazaki films, monty python, movies, museums, music, mythbusters, mythology, myths, nanowrimo, national geographic, nature, neil gaiman, peace, physics, poetry, pop culture, postsecret, pulp & weird fiction, queer rights, queers, reading, records, researching, richard siken, road trips, satire, scenic routes, secrets, sex worker rights, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, skeleton keys, skylines, space, space opera &/or westerns, speculative fiction, star wars, stories, string theory, summer afternoons, supernatural, sustainability, tattoos, tea, the beatles, thrift shops, thunderstorms, too many authors & musicians to list, torchwood, tori amos, train travel, travelling, using old ideas in new ways, veronica mars, vintage, volunteering, wanderlust, warren ellis, winter mornings, women (writers/artists/in general), write bloody, writers write (dammit), writing, writing in cafes, xkcd, yoga, yuletide, zombie movies, zombies&werewolves&vampires oh my!
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